A Moment with Charlie

b8c20-squarecharlieYesterday I took the dogs with me to the cemetery.  I had never taken them before.  I stood at Aaron’s grave and fell into my own thoughts.  After a few minutes I looked up and took stock of the dogs.  Harry was being his usual Terrier self, looking in every direction on guard duty.  But Charlie, our mini-Labradoodle, was sitting beside me at the foot of the grave, staring at the ground in a quiet repose.

He stayed next to me and waited.  It was as if he sensed the meaning of where we were.  It was as if he was paying respects.

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Of Doomsday and Cellphones

The Doomsday Book is a 1992 novel by Connie Willis that won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, the two highest honors in science fiction.  This summer, two decades after publication, I began reading it and didn’t get too far.  The reason points to one of the predicaments of science fiction in 2014. Continue reading