A Cat’s Tale

Mona 2014Nearly twenty years ago, in December of 1994, Clarice and I had what seemed like a good idea, but in fact was a terrible one: we would get our friends Patty and Jon a cat.  As a surprise.

Note to self: giving pets as a gift is not a good idea, particularly a cat.

I went down to the Erie Avenue SPCA and walked past rows of cages of kittens up for adoption.  Most were cute, cuddly and affectionate.  But I wanted a CwA — Cat with Attitude.  And then I spotted a black-and-white kitten, swallowed up in an enormous cage, looking at me without any intention of being cuddly.  This was the one, I knew.

Days later we presented her as the surprise to our friends, with the caveat that if they decided against keeping her, we would readily take her back, no questions asked.  But I knew this would never happen.  They’d fall immediately in love with her.

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